Formally, business tourism is considered a new form of tourism, but in fact it is the most ancient form of tourism! Trading caravans carried along the Silk Road of the people in the modern language we call ” businessmen “! Nowadays, another ancient route in China – “The Way of Tea Horse ” in which one of the southern provinces of China during the time of the Tang Dynasty in Tibet caravans of tea, which was changed to the hardy horses of the nomads , turned into a tourist route!

But back to business tourism. Nowadays, every fourth of tens of millions of people every day leaving their home to go on trips , short-term and long-term – does it need a service , ie is actually a business traveler . The modern form of business tourism in the UK was formed in the mid-19th century . Company Hogg Robinson Group is currently included in the “big five” of transnational corporations that control 90 % of global business travel market . More than 73 % of its volume up corporate travel ( so-called corporate travel) – as individual business trips, and participating in events organized by industrial and commercial corporations. Business tourism now includes so-called “industry meetings” MICE (M – Meetings, I – Incentives (incentive travel ), C – Conferences, E – Exhibitions ) In the UK, is held annually an average of 800 exhibitions whose audience is about 10 million people.UK business tourism center is , of course, London, which has always been of the world’s largest business and financial centers . In addition to the capital of the United Kingdom business tourism develops in Birmingham, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow , Aberdeen , Brighton, Bournemouth and some other cities . Business , regardless of whether it is corporate or individual trip is very different from “ordinary” tourist travel primarily by the fact that such a tour for the business – primarily the work . Accordingly , the specificity of firms that provide services to the organization of business tours , significantly different from that of a conventional travel agency. Our company operates in the Russian- British business travel market for 20 years , having accumulated a lot of experience not only in the organization of exhibitions , training of personnel , visa support ( business visa ), services apartment rental in London, but also additional services such as purchasing, real estate sale in the UK consultation on immigration.

Business tourism in UK